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A Father's Rights. Ismet's Honor - At 18y/o he had no voice. #teenpregnancy #abortion #fathersrights #romance

Sharing a Scene from Ismet's Honor:

“Sunny, I wish I could back time and tell you how sorry I am. If I would have known, I wouldn’t have left you alone. I promise you that.”
“I know.” She reached for a tissue from the box on the table. “It just wasn’t our time, I guess. You know what they say, there’s a reason for everything.”
“Did you... did you see the baby? Do you know what it was?”
“I didn’t see him then. Didn’t want to have the memory.”
“It was a boy?” He smiled softly at the nod of her head. “For some reason, I’d always dreamed it would’ve been a girl. A tiny little thing like you who would have followed me around like I was her hero.”
“I can see a child doing that. Belle and I talked about the baby for weeks before I was brave enough to tell you. We always thought of it as a girl. We were so shocked when he was born.”
“But you didn’t see him?”
“Not when he was born, no. They left him in the room with us for a while. Poor Belle sat rocking with him in the corner. I will never forget that sight of her. Me in the bed miserable as hell, she adjusting the blanket, fidgeting with the too large hat. Praying over him and singing soft lullabies.”
“Did she tell you what he looked like.”
“Kinda, a year or so later. Not long after EmmaJean killed herself. When it was diagnosed I was going through depression.
Belle, the beautiful, nosy, best sister-by-another-mother, anyone could ask for, had taken lots of
pictures and saved them for me. When I was falling off the deep end about everything I’d lost in life,” She looked into his eyes. Reaching up to wipe the tears hanging on his lashes. “Crying about how I’d made the biggest mistake in not choosing to see the baby, she pulled out the pictures. She’d saved them on her phone and had them developed for me. I have to admit sometimes, Belle always ends up right. Knows me better than I know myself.” Sunny chuckled. “Which makes me want to kill her, sometimes.”
“Do you still have them? Can I see them?”
“Yes, of course I have them. No, they aren’t in here.” She said. Noticing his eyes searching the surfaces of the room. “You’ll have to come with me.”


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