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Hi, I have a question. I'm tying ends on a romance WIP. The book has the controversy of a "late term" abortion and the MC's reasoning. Would you read such a book? Here's the potential blurb and cover and a small excerpt. Please tell me what you truly think.

 BLURB :Gorgeous, dedicated fertility counselor Tyson Ribbons, has admired and loved embryologist, Anabelle “Belle” Lee for along time. When she comes in for counseling he fights everything within him not to deter her from her plans.
Doesn’t stop his heart from wishing it could be him fulfilling her desire.

Anabelle Lee, mourning her inability to have a child of her own-suffered through two miscarriages, a heartbreaking late-term abortion, and a soul crushing divorce. As an embryologist, she has protected the potential life of many frozen specimens, and lived envious of the women choosing Invetro fertilization as their form of reproduction.
After a bit of encouragement from her best friend, and counseling from the very perfect Dr. Ribbons, Anabelle takes steps to fulfill her desire to become a mother.
Problem is, the announcement brings more of a shock than a gift.

 EXCERPT from Ribbons & Belle: The Sessions ~

 "Hmm. I realize this may be somewhat unconventional, us having an attraction for each other... Oop Oop, oop,” The dimple in his cheeks appeared and disappeared. “Don't deny it and make me feel like a fool. I,” He placed his hand across his chest. "Definitely stand behind what I feel for you, what I felt coming from you the other night, and my ability to put that all aside in order to carry out a professional assessment of your counseling needs. After that," He waved the clipboard he held in his hands above his head. "It's charts to the wind and my assignment flies in other directions."

 *Oh, lawd. This man is going to have me an emotional wreck.* Shaking her head in denial, Belle
shut her eyes briefly. Trying her damnedest to remember the pep talk she'd given herself that morning- Tyson Ribbons was off limits. Romance was not written in her book. It was best to simply stick to reading them. Snapping his fingers in front of her nose, Tyson cleared his throat again. And when she opened her eyes, she saw he'd donned a pair of rimless glasses and slipped a pipe between his lips. His smile ruining the masquerade of all business no play.

 "Bought these just for you." He moved his head from side to side, giving her a clear view of his profile. "Now, whenever I pull these out, do your best to forget about me in your dreams and think of me as Dr. Ribbons." He laughed at the way her jaw slacked open at the suggestion, but continued talking. Leaving her to collect her own thoughts. "So, tell me, Belle. What makes you think you should be a mother? And don't think I'm just asking this out of pure curiosity. These are questions you need to have answers to. What, beyond the fact you are a woman, makes you feel you deserve to be pregnant? There has to be more than the "want" of holding a tiny human. You know these minuscule individuals turn into people. Sometimes, into the kind of people we want nothing to do with. Why should you, of all people be a mother? What makes you, special?"

 So, what's your thoughts? You can put them in the comments or email me.


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