When Life's Challenges Are Hard to Run From

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By Angelia Menchan 

"I thoroughly enjoyed Ribbons and Belle, every luscious and poetic read. Ey Wade has the gift of drawing the reader in allowing them to experience her characters. I felt and knew Belle and was with her on this journey."

A Story That Will Stay With You. By Jude P "This is a heartbreaking story of loss and making controversial decisions. It is not always easy to read but you will love Belle and Tyson. Their story grabs you and pulls you in. You want them both to have their 'happy ever after' but can't see how it can happen. Stay with the story. You will fall in love with Tyson. Here is a man who can give women the child they long for. He has it all but the one woman he truly wants escapes him. Belle has not had an easy time. She is damaged and needs healing. We know the man who can help her heal but she is unsure. Her best friend Sunny is someone that you want in your life. I want more of her story and I am so excited that she has been given one. Ey's writing has clarity and eloquence. We are taken on a journey that seems effortless but tears you apart. You will not be disappointed in this story. Highly recommended the end."

Anita "The story of Tyson and Belle grips you from the first page to the very end. This is a story about love, choices and forgiveness. Belle and her sister Sunny suck you into their silly quirky lives. Once you learn about their history you can't help but cheer for Belle and the course she has charted for her life. Tyson is the man to heal her wounded soul but will Belle allow him to do so.
Ey has written a beautiful story that delves into one of the toughest decision a woman could ever have to make. She tells the story with great clarity and knowledge. Grab some tissues and enjoy the journey."

Kindle customer "Infertility and abortion are two heavy topics to handle in a work of fiction well I couldn't do it. Ey Wade has done an outstanding job telling Tyson & Belle's road to family and relationship. Although a bit awkward at first it is a very enlightening story told from different perspective and circumstances. Well written and engaging. Very happy that I read this book! Approach reading this ready to start conversations because you will be talking about it long after the last page!!!"


By Jude P "Belle and Tyson's story in Ribbons and Belle was heartbreaking but love won through in the end. Sunny was there for Belle but there was so much that we were not told about her. So many unanswered questions. Now her story has been told and what a story it is! Ey Wade has done it again. This story will break your heart, make you angry, gasp and most definitely root for Ismet and Sunny. Another difficult subject is tackled in this story. We get to see the other side of paternity, the father's side and their rights to their children. Ismet is their hero who fights for their rights. He is a man who is a product of what life has thrown at him. He is the best man for the job. Sunny's life has not been the best and she has suffered at the hands of the people who should have cared for her. She has had to fight for the life she has. Sunny and Ismet should be together but there are so many deep rooted obstacles that you cannot see them achieving what they both want. Ey's writing has the effect of wringing every emotion from you. I loved this story. You will too."

I enjoyed this story of lost love and second chances. The hardship of children having to make adult decisions and the adults in their lives not being there when they needed them. How circumstances in our youth can form the adults we become. The author's writing was again exceptionally.


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