When Life's Challenges Are Hard to Run From

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Price of Honor Excerpt:Ismet's Honor #romance #abortion #companionnovel

Sunny stood on the outside of the glass doors, waiting for someone on the inside to let her in. She did her best to ignore the sarcastic remarks from the tiny group of women peering through the windows of the childcare center. It was bad enough she’d stood in the midst of the fan girls, wasting ten good minutes as she built her nerves to ring the bell,but now she had to listen to their snide remarks.
“Good luck with trying to get in there.”
“Must be your first time. You know women aren’t allowed.”
“Not allowed?” She questioned the statement. “It’s a daycare center, not a monastery.”
“And so? Those faggot muthafuckers want to be able to do whatever they want with those little children. As if they’re safe behind those glass walls. Messing with those babies without anyone knowing.”
Sunny turned to see where the derogatory venom was coming from. Her search stopping when her eye connected with those of a huge angry man. He refused to drop his gaze from hers or retract his statement. The business suit he wore put him in odds when compared to the casual dress of everyone else on the sidewalk. 
“Yeah, I said it, you people make me sick. Uppity Black pervert who runs the place thinks he’s the king of the world.” 
The burning, unblinking hate in his eyes was hard to turn away from and it frightened her. The force of the anger he harbored spewed from him like stink on a skunk, unpalatable. She let her gaze slide away slowly, the clinching and unclinching of his fists, grabbing her attention and she looked back at his face. Her immediate instinct was to run. 
“That’s some pretty horrible and disgusting accusations. Just because men are taking care of children they have to be perverts? What does that make you? All dressed up and standing out here like a fan girl.” A middle aged woman pushed her way through the crowd to stand practically nose to nose with him. Her finger wagging in his face in rhythm to her word.
“What are you?” He asked. Slapping away her finger. His lip nearly touched his nose, twisted as it was in disgust. “A dirty nigga lover? All you stupid White women standing out here with this tribe. Hoping to get you one of those things in there.” Spittal flew out of his mouth and landed in the face of the closest females. Their unified, horrified movement of removal, a perfect performance in synchronization. 
Sunny giggled softly in a shocked nauseated reflex.The idea of it landing on her making her gag and shudder.
The guy paced in a small circle. Waving his arms in dismissal of whatever the women shouted in their own defense.
“You ignorant women make me sick. I see you,” He pointed at each in turn. “Or some other version of you standing out here, everyday. Get your lazy asses a job. Peering in those windows as if you’re watching heroes. These are animals. Every last one of them. Carry your butts away from here before something happens to you.” He pushed the shoulder of the first women. Her struggle to remain in a standing position- lost. She fell to the ground which angered everyone and the verbal attack became louder and physical as they all took a swing at him.
“You sound like a raving maniac. A race baiter.” Someone shouted from the now swollen pond of onlookers.
“This man and this center helps fathers who want to take care of their children.” Shouted another.
Sunny looked around. Where there had been a few quiet bystanders, now there were at least fifty people. Ranting, pushing and instigating. Many agreeing with the profusely sweating, profane angry man. Most simply there to poke a bear and get a video on their cell phones. The smiling faces, manic in their glee at having something to post on their social media accounts.
“And now, here come the stupid media.” The man used his calloused thumb to point at the collection of camera carrying paparazzi making their way from across the street where they’d been stationed at the courthouse. “Everyday they keep the news flooded with some time wasting nonsense about this damned place and that useless waste of skin, Ismet Honorable O’Neal. Honorable,my ass. What they should be doing is filming the broken heart mothers-not some disgusting child stealing lawyer. He’s not a hero, he’s a home wrecker.”
“What do you know? Screaming and being prejudice because you hate Black people. You’re just another racist.”
“Probably an undercover gay. All dressed up like a giant Ken doll.” A cellphone holder raised his arms a little higher. Hoping to catch the man’s reaction above the heads of the other people.
“You call me an f’ing race baiter? A gay? The hell I am. I was a grandfather. I was a grandfather until that rotten bastard stole my granddaughter from my little girl. Took her and gave her to some lowlife who’s gone now. Flew away and we’ll never see that baby again. My family is torn apart.”
Sunny watched the tears roll down his cheeks and immediately soften the persona of a gruff, belligerent, racist. For a moment she felt sorry for him.Tears burned her eyes. The urge to go through the crowd and offer him a hug, halted by three things happening simultaneously.
Someone called his daughter a worthless whore who probably deserved to lose custody, Ismet finally opened the center door, and the man, in his hurt and rage, pulled out a weapon.
In one flashing instance, Sunny was yanked securely into the building, bullets flew and everyone scattered. Few making it to safety away from the automatic shots.


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