When Life's Challenges Are Hard to Run From

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Scene from Ismet's Honor. #teenpregnancy #fathersrights #abortion #reallifehappens #romance

 Scene from Ismet's Honor. Companion novel to Ribbons & Belle.

“I wanted to have an end to the dreams I’ve held onto for years." gt5 To know if you had any kind of forgiveness for me. And if not, show me what I could do to earn it.  What can I say or do, for you to understand where I'm coming from? To get you past your unforgiving wall so you can see, I was devastated from the abortion, too. It wasn't only your child, it was also mine.”

Ismet, rose from the chair like an eruption from a volcano. His voice exploding into the room. Loud and deep as thunder. His movements, swift and deadly. The wide sweep of his hand cleared the small items from the small table next to his chair. The combined crash of each piece hitting the floor, jarring and frightening.

“How dare you stand there and have the nerve to want me to give you an ounce of sympathy. It was your decision to kill my child.”

The growl in his voice terrorized her, but she refused to back down. The Met she knew never raised his voice in anger. The bass of the natural tone had always been enough. That would be the person she appealed to. Wrapping her arms around her waist, Sunny stood her ground.

“It wasn't only my decision.”

“The hell it wasn't.” Ismet's quick long strides brought him directly into her face. His painful, unexpected grasp, his nails digging into the soft skin of her shoulders, caused Sunny to struggle until he released her. “You could have done anything but that. You could've believed in me and gave our child, our love, a chance.”

“I tried.”

“How Sunny? Tell me how. You slammed the door on the car. The thing that broke my heart the most, you  never looked back in my direction as you casually strolled up the walkway to your mom's house. You never once looked back at me.” His voice broke at the repeated phrase. “You went into the house and closed me out of your life, out of the life of my child. You didn't even bother to let me know the date you were going to end it all.

“How could I, Met? You weren't around. Never answered my calls or returned my messages. You weren’t there when I needed you.  You left me defenseless to face everyone in school- alone. And they hated me. No, they despised me. The hate was already there because you chose me. Protected me and abandoned me.

Can you imagine how my days were? Well, don’t even try, because it was pure hell! A freaking nightmare. I was called every name in the book, the girls wanted to fight me, and the worst, I was cornered and damned near molested by your boys at every chance they got.” She wiped the burning tears from her eye with a clenched fist. “Everyone was merciless. Relentless in their anger and holding on to their own hurt. All I wanted to do was get on with life. But you were gone and they blamed me. Everyone loved you and I truly tried to understand where they were coming from, but the stress of  warring with the students, teachers, hiding out in a cubbie hole above my job was too much. I ran, too."


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