When Life's Challenges Are Hard to Run From

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Scene From Ismet's Honor- Walking Through Abortion Protestors. #abortions #fathersrights #romance

The small flower pattern on the back of Belle’s shirt intermittently faded in an out. Sunny tried to keep her attention focused on it. Her head had started hurting on the ride to the clinic and all she wanted to do was close her eyes. She’d stumbled a bit while getting out of the car and removing her things.

 Belle was immediately at her side, grabbing one of the bags and leading the way. The grip she had on her hand, the support needed to continue going.
Sunny elbowed her way through the crowd of protesters blocking the entrance to the clinic. Their volatile, demeaning, chants, berating every female trying to enter as killers and trying- angered her. 
Holding tight to Belle's hand, she shook off the unexpected grasp on her elbow. An older woman, face red and pinched, stared into her face, damning her to the fires of hell. Any other day, Sunny would've taken the words in stride and said nothing, but the woman's condemnation and her self righteous attitude was her undoing. She recognized her as the grandmother of a couple of girls who attended her school.
“Hell is having to listen to a bunch of dried up, sex starved old people screaming about things they know nothing about. You gotta lotta nerves standing her condemning others when you need to be talking to the members of your family. Go look at your sneaky grandchildren and see what they've been hiding from you, instead of pretending to worry about people you don't know, who will probably never have an impact on your life, in any way.
Pretending you care about a fetus when you know you won't give a damn about it the minute its born.”
The woman reached out, gave Sunny a shove, hard enough to bring pain to her shoulder and to make her back her steps a couple of inches. Almost causing her to fall to the concrete of the sidewalk. Belle stepped between them. 
“Wait, so you're out here protesting abortions, yet you have the gall to punch what could possibly be a pregnant teen? An adult committing child abuse. Proves her point doesn’t it? You have the nerves to put your hands on my friend? How do you know we aren't here to seek medical care we can't afford?” She pointed at the angry faces staring in her direction. “How do any of you know, we haven't been the victims of rape and simply need counseling?”

 Pushing Belle to the side, Sunny placed her hands on her hips and sneered at the woman.
“And yeah, I know your granddaughters. You have two, Ashley and Emily. Blonde and brunette. One short and the other tall. As a matter of fact, Emily is the one who gave me this address.” Sunny leaned closer into the woman's face, peeling the nails of the older woman’s grip from her elbow, on snapped back finger at a time. “She promised me that after her having had a couple of visits here, they work quick and are extremely nice.” Pushing the stunned woman away, Sunny angrily continued through the remaining chanters. Ignoring their words and fighting the urge to pat her butt at them. They can all kiss my ass. Not one of them would take me in or give a dime to help me keep my baby.
The fury, mixed with the fact she was terrified, feeling ill, and no way wanted to be standing in the midst of verbal hell, were the forces that helped her continue.
At the door she couldn’t make her arms lift, let alone stretch out to grab the handle and open it. Her reflection stared back at her from the glass. This was definitely not the Sunny she once was. She hadn’t smiled in days. Wasn’t able to eat and Lord knew, she hadn’t put an iron to her clothes. She looked and felt a damned mess.
“Come on, Sunny.” Belle wrapped her arm around her friend’s shoulders, pulled the door open and squeezed through the entrance with her. “We have no choice, let’s get you some help.”
"Ismet's Honor" by Ey Wade on Ganxy


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